I just love this 10 day Challenge that Debbie Reynolds is hosting. For today's post I would like to share my gratitude for the roads ahead. I am very lucky to have a career where a time clock does not exist.  If I need to take off and hit the open road, I only need to make sure my schedule is clear.  No boss to check with for time off other than myself. Every so often, I get the urge to hit the road and take a break.  (That is the Saggitarius in me).  I much prefer jumping in the car to boarding an airplane.  The road gives me the freedom to stop and take in the wonder all around me. Here are a few shots of the inside of a tunnel in Glenwood Springs and the view from a rest stop in Vail, Colorado.  Belinda SpillmanAspen Lane Real EstateManaging Broker/Owner(303) 884-2026www.AspenLaneRealEstate.com Belinda1126@hotmail.com